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"A bundle of Sales Leaflets for ""The testament of Xanthippus"""MISCELLANEOUSKildare
2 - Part List of fire-damages books from the Sacramento Waldorf School TeachersMISCELLANEOUSKildare
A Premonitory Cry; or a Note of Warning and Testimony of HopeANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
American Historical AssociationMembership DirectoryENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
American Historical AssociationAnnual Meeting 19-MAGAZINESKildare
Anthroposophy in New EnglandANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
Antroposofia: Un conocimiento integral del hombreANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETS - ItalianKildare
Bartholomew's Road Atlas of Great BritainTRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Box containing and assortment of Postcardsinterest belonging to Stewart C EastonMISCELLANEOUSKildare
Cassells French-English/English-French DictionaryDICTIONARIESKildare
Castella-catella/Catella-Castella DictionaryDICTIONARIESKildare
Chartres Cathedral (Illustrated Guide)TRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Collins Jem Italian/English - English/Italian DictionaryDICTIONARIESKildare
Collins Jem Spanish/English - English/Spanish DictionaryDICTIONARIESKildare
Collins Spanish/English - English/Spanish DictionaryDICTIONARIESKildare
Common Usage DictionaryCrown Publishers 956GRAMMARSKildare
Contribution a l'etude de la therapeutique;ANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSFrench publ.Kildare
Conversation Manual: GermanGRAMMARSKildare
Directory of American Scholars: Volume 1Jacques Catell Press 969ENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
Feriae Latinae: Hispania: Palma Maioricarum9-27 M. Iulii 1987ppMAGAZINESKildare
For the Parent of a Mongol ChildANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
For the Parent of the Mongol ChildANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
German-English/English-German DictionaryDICTIONARIESKildare
Granta: A Paperback Magazine of New Writing: No Autumn 19 Granta Publications LtdMAGAZINESKildare
Granta: A Paperback Magazine of New Writing: No Autumn 19 Granta Publications LtdMAGAZINESKildare
Granta: A Paperback Magazine of New Writing: No Spring 19 Granta Publications LtdMAGAZINESKildare
Granta: A Paperback Magazine of New Writing: No Spring 19 Granta Publications LtdMAGAZINESKildare
Granta: A Paperback Magazine of New Writing: No Summer 19Granta Publications LtdMAGAZINESKildare
Greek-English LexiconOxford 953DICTIONARIESKildare
Grundewald et le Retable d'IssenheimMAGAZINES frenchKildare
Guide de la FranceLes Guides Noirs 970TRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Guide of MajorcaTRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Information Booklet: Rudolf Steiner SchoolANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
Italian IslandsTRAVEL GUIDESKildare
La Communante des Chretiens: Revue TrimestrielleMAGAZINES FrenchKildare
Le Francais avec SanzPremier LivreGRAMMARSKildare
Le Francais avec SanzGRAMMARSKildare
Le Nouveau Testament: La Bible de JerusalemBIBLESKildare
List of Typed Lectures by Rudolf SteinerANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
MallorcaAn Illustrated Guide in FrenchTRAVEL GUIDES - FrenchKildare
Manual of StyleGRAMMARSKildare
Michelin Red Guide9Great Britain and IrelandTRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Michelin Red Guide9TRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Michelin Red Guide9TRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Michelin Red Guide983. FranceMichelin Red Guide9TRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Nouveau Petit Larousse IllustreENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
Novum Testamentum GraeceBIBLESKildare
Pequeno Larousse IllustradoENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
Rudolf Steiner 1961-1961"Testimonio de gratitud de sus discipulos// con motivo del primer centenario de su ItalianKildare
Rudolf Steiner School of Edinburgh: 25 yearsANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
Small bundle of holiday brochures and mapsTRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Some Aspects of a Rudolf Steiner EducationANTHROPOSOPHICAL BOOKLETSKildare
Sonderdruck: Comte International des Sciences HistsoriquesMAGAZINES frenchKildare
Taber's Digest of Medical TermsENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
TashkentLarge Format Pictorial GuideTRAVEL GUIDESKildare
The American Historical reviewJune 19-MAGAZINESKildare
The Bach Remedies Repertory-MAGAZINESKildare
The Best of BylineMAGAZINESKildare
The Complete Bible: An American TranslationBIBLESKildare
The Concise Encyclopedia of Music and MusiciansENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of IndependenceMAGAZINESKildare
The International Directory of Little Magazines and Small PressesENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
The Jerusalem BibleBIBLESKildare
The Miriam Webster Pocket DictionaryDICTIONARIESKildare
The Oxford Self-Pronouncing Bible: Authorised King James VersionBIBLESKildare
The Oxford Universal DictionaryThird edition 1955DICTIONARIESKildare
The price Waterhouse Guide to the New Tax LawENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
The Testament of XanthippusMISCELLANEOUSKildare
The Writers and Artists Year Book9ENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
This Constitution: A Bicentennial Chronicle No 9-MAGAZINESKildare
Travellers New ZealandTRAVEL GUIDESKildare
Waterstones Guide to BooksSecond EditionENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
Who's Who in the WorldENCYCLOPEDIASKildare
Who's Who in the World-ENCYCLOPEDIASKildare